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I have had many occasions to use Richard as my installer-of-choice for airport equipment and consistently received top-notch results that exceeded my expectations.
Dan Pockrus
Five Star Alliance
I have turned to Richard and Nationwide Conveyor Specialists many times over the past 10 years. He has been an important part of our installation strategy; he is reliable and has the personnel with the expertise to handle mechanical installation with a minimum of supervision from the Contractor.
Del Hollingsworth
Pteris Global (USA)
I have known Richard for years and have been very pleased with the results.
Gary Downs
Logan Teleflex
Richard Bugryn and Nationwide Conveyor are a great choice for conveyor installations and refurbishments. We’ve worked with Richard many times in different capacities, and it’s refreshing to work with someone who has the knowledge, experience and integrity that Richard does. He is a stand-up guy and Nationwide Conveyor is a stand-up company that I can highly recommend.
Colin Sanburg
Unified Supply
Richard is a knowledgeable and experienced mechanical installer. His company has performed installations for me which have been performed with quality, safety and on schedule.
Wes Goode
VP, Vanderlande Industries
Having worked with Richard and his crew many times over the years on material handling system installations of various size and scope, I recommend him without reservation. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable and delivers on schedule and within budget.
Stan Cook
Conveyco Technologies
We have used Richard Bugryn to install airport conveyors on more than one occasion and have been very happy with his work.
Jim Goertz
G & S Airport Conveyor
Richard and his company exceeded expectations on a conveyor installation project. Despite several delays, his team was able to complete the project on-time, within budget and with a high level of quality. I look forward to working with Richard and Nationwide Conveyor again.
Kevin Black
Vanderlande Industries
I have worked with Richard for many years. He was always on top of every project we worked together on. He is very good working with customers also. I will continue to use him when I can. He has never let us down.
Dave Mydlowski
Century Conveyor Service Inc.
South Plainfield, NJ
Richard has always done a great job for us. Always on time and within budget.
Donald LeCroy
Jervis B. Webb Company
Richard has performed both new installations as well as extensive reconfiguration of existing BHS systems at Bradley Int’l Airport and his work has always been first rate. I would highly recommend Nationwide Conveyor to handle all of your project needs.
Marc Holland
CT Airport Authority
I got to meet some of your guys that were working at Charleston Int’l Airport on the inbound project for Vanderlande Industries. Their workmanship was top notch and they were very professional.
Calvin Trudeau
BNP Associates
Brookfield, CT
I have contracted Nationwide Conveyor Specialists expertise at Boston Logan’s Int’l Airport and at Newark Liberty Int’l Airport. Working closely with them, they have proven to be skilled and professional in the industry doing what it takes to complete the turn key project on schedule.
I look forward to working with your company on future projects.
Patrick Dorismond
Regional Manager of Corporate Real Estate
US Airways, Inc.
I just wanted to drop you a brief note of thanks for the excellent performance of the Nationwide crew that worked on the Long Beach teardown. Not only was the job completed faster than anticipated, but it was done by technicians that were professional in their manner and were exceptionally skilled. It was a pleasure working with them.
Thanks for the good work!
John Domenico
CRE Maintenance Coordinator
JetBlue Airways
I would like to express my appreciation to Richard Bugryn of Nationwide Conveyor and his employees for a job well done on the warranty repairs that were performed on the Five claim unit at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.
It was a pleasure working with you and your crew on the removal and install of two slope plate units at Charlotte- Douglas Int'l Airport. It was an incredible accomplishment for a four man crew to complete the project in nine days.
Ricky West
Service Manager
FKI Logistex
In the many years that I have been associated with your company, I cannot remember a time that an installation job that you have either supervised or installed that had a problem that you could not resolve. This is a rarity in our industry and you should be proud of your accomplishments. Should your organization ever need a recommendation, please do not hesitate to have your prospective client call me. I look forward to working with you on as many future projects as possible.
Robert A. Borchardt
Manager, Parcel & Baggage Handling
Fort Worth, TX
Nationwide Conveyor has a high standard and keeps it high. As far as I am concerned, they are one of the better conveyor companies.
Stephen D. Brown
Office of Telecommunications
Bradley Int'l Airport
Windsor Locks, CT
I want to thank you and your professional staff for the efforts, contributions, sacrifices, and of course results that have led to the success of having container-handling equipment installed on time at all committed sites. Thanks to your company's additional efforts, not only was the project a huge success for our company, but also hundreds of our client's employees ended up working in a safe environment when the new aircraft arrived. Thanks again and we look forward to working with your company in the future.
Darrell Owens
General Manager
Division Services
Memphis, TN
We have utilized the services of Nationwide Conveyor Specialists to install, repair, and modify many of our baggage conveyor systems and equipment. We have found the crews for Nationwide Conveyor Specialists to be knowledgeable of all the equipment that they have worked on. I would like to express my appreciation to Richard Bugryn of Nationwide Conveyor for a job well done on our equipment. I would feel comfortable using Nationwide Conveyor on other projects at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.
Michael Pridgen
Chief Maintenance Mechanic
Charlotte-Douglass Int'l Airport
As jobs go, this was a smaller one, but required some excellent rigging skills to get the conveyors into position and properly supported above the ground without damaging any of the existing work or facilities. I'm happy to report that things went very well. Your crew met their schedule and the quality of their experience was evident in their work.
R. H. "Dick" Ulring
Site Project Manager
Siemens Energy & Automation
We have utilized the services of Nationwide Conveyor to install, repair and modify many of our baggage conveyor equipment throughout the years. We have found their crews to be knowledgeable and professional on all aspects of our equipment in the Baggage Handling industry. FKI would like to extend our appreciation to Richard Bugryn of Nationwide Conveyor; FKI will continue to use their services in the future.
Gary Watts
Manager, Airport Customer Service
FKI Logistex
The Airport Authority would like to commend your staff and management team on the recent conveyor installations at both our International and US Departure Terminal Baggage make-up rooms in Nassau, Bahamas. The Airport Authority would like to thank you for completing the system to the highest industry standards.
Peter Tynes
Maintenance Manager
Airport Authority
Nassau, Bahamas
Nationwide Conveyor was recently our installation subcontractor at the Midland Texas International Airport. They completed all work and met all milestone dates per project schedule and also completed the job early. Their work included installation of two flat plate conveyor devices. At installation completion Nationwide Conveyor performed all testing and commissioning as required by project specifications and contracts. Nationwide’s personnel and quality craftsmanship was excellent and played a key role in the project’s success. The Horsley Company would highly recommend Nationwide Conveyor for any and all projects requiring conveyor installation.
Garry Griffin
Project Manager, The Horsley Company
Please allow me to take the opportunity to provide this personal recommendation for Nationwide Conveyor Specialists. In my capacity as Manager of Facilities Equipment Services for Southwest Airlines I have worked closely with Nationwide over the past five years.

As a contractor for Southwest Airlines, Nationwide has been used numerous times when modifications or additions have needed to be made to our conveyor systems. The latest project we did was raising our existing “make up” carousels to a standard height. Nationwide did this for us in numerous cities and the process was always seamless. They are there for the pre-con meetings with the airports, go through the badging process, have material and man power on-site when expected, and most important finish when or before promised.

Nationwide Conveyor ‘s motivated, diligent and dependable staff stresses quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Their management and technical skills outshine their competitors in the industry.

I can say it has been a pleasure to work with the Nationwide staff and would recommend them without hesitation. They would be an asset to any company dealing with conveying equipment.

If you have any questions regarding Nationwide, please feel free to contact me.
Scott Chinnock
Manager Facilities Equipment Services Southwest Airlines

December 15th, 2014
American Airlines has enjoyed a long history with Nationwide Conveyor Specialists on a variety of baggage system related projects. The scope of these projects encompassed refurbishment to existing systems/equipment, reconfiguration of systems/equipment and the installation of new equipment. In all cases the work performed by Nationwide Conveyor Services was conducted in a professional manner and within both budget and schedule.

American will continue to use Nationwide Conveyor Specialists on future projects and I would highly recommend their company for this type of work.
Steve Holloway
Sr. Principal Baggage Systems American Airlines, American Airlines

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